Placement opportunities

We are able to offer a variety of opportunities for Undergraduates and Postgraduates at the Institute. You will be able to experience what it is like to work in a global, privately-owned company, whilst being given responsibility, freedom, and a chance to enhance your scientific and business skills.

We have two types of assignments available: shorter summer placements (typically 3 – 6 months) and industrial placements (12 months).

Industrial placements (12 months)

Animal unit focused placements

These involve providing the care and training for our pets to enable them to participate in our research programme, whilst also generating high quality scientific data through our caring science approach. Typically, we offer two placements each year for second year Undergraduates studying a relevant animal based degree. These placements typically run from September through to the following September.

Applications for placements starting in September 2021 are now closed.

IP student  kathryn Morris (2)


"I had an amazing year at WALTHAM. I was immediately welcomed by my team and everyone on site. I was given a lot of opportunities to see and experience different aspects of the Institute and Mars, as well as learn so much about dog behaviour and training from their experts. I was also encouraged to focus on my personal development during the year- one outcome of this is that I am now a more confident person." Kathryn Morris, Industrial placement student who is studying BSc Animal Science at University of Nottingham


"I loved my industrial placement at WALTHAM. I spent all of my year working with dogs to provide their training and care, as well as collect data for research studies. I was proud to be given the responsibility of trial ambassador for one of the studies. This meant I was a key contact person for all the unit staff and helped to make it run smoothly. I had a very supportive team and supervisors who helped me achieve so much- such as presenting the results of my own project to large groups at the Institute." Jodie Jackson, Industrial placement student who is studying BSc Animal Science at University of Nottingham.

IP student  Jodie

Research or laboratory focused placements

These placements are for students to work on a specific research study and are dependent on the availability of suitable projects. As these projects tend to have technical and functional knowledge, there may be specific course requirements. The placements are for second year Undergraduate students and typically run from September to September.

We will advertise these placements on this page when available.

Summer placements

Occasionally, we have summer placements available. They are usually based in our research or laboratory teams and involve working on a specific research project. We may stipulate a course requirement for these placements as they tend to require certain technical and functional knowledge.
These placements are open to Undergraduates or Post Graduates in relevant scientific disciplines at any stage in their studies (unless specified otherwise). These placements are dependent on project availability.

We will advertise these placements on this page when available.